Friday, 25 September 2009

General instructions for stepper card with end panel.

Can be adjusted and placed where you like!
A4 sheet of cardstock with the short edge facing you.

Make a mark as far across the cardstock as you want your main panel to be - I chose 8cms so let's go with that as our example. Mark the card at the top and the bottom edges and lightly draw the line in pencil. Your sheet is now divided into two long sections - one 8cms wide and the other 13 cms.

Turn the card round so that the wide section is facing you (long edge) with the 8cm panel away from you.

Mark along the edge that closest to you at intervals as follows :

2.5cms; 4.5cms; 10.5cms; 15.5cms; 22.5cms

Score along these lines meeting your original pencilled line. You should have five score lines here.

Take your craft knife and cut between the 2.5cm score line and the 22.5 score line along the original pencilled line.

Carefully fold along your score lines to make the hills and valleys. You can always change this later if you make a mistake in the direction of the folds.

Once you are happy with your folds (make sure to use a bone folder to keep them crisp) fold the card gently and the large 8cm panel will naturally want to fold to match (not quite the centre of the card - so don't panic here) it will sit perfectly well.

Now the difficult bit .... decorate to taste!!

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  1. Thanks for these information. I really love using A4 card.