Thursday, 8 April 2010

Chimney breast Shape card

I have made this card after seeing it in a shop and thinking I could create that shape. I have used one A4 piece and one A5 piece of card to make the base card.
Take the first piece of A4 card and score it at DLon both sides, or at 10cm and 20cm, fold the score lines away from you on both sides.Then score and fold the left and right side sections at 5 cms. These folds should be made in the opposite direction to create the basic shape.Take the second piece of card and score it in half. Then stick the two smaller pieces to the flaps on the A4 piece. Lay the card flat and score a line 8cm from the top on the back flap upto the top of the front of the card.Alternativley you could use a cirlce shape to make the top into an arch shape. Then decorate with your chosen theme and craft materials.


  1. I love the shape card. I'll put in mind the things that I must do. Okay, first thing is that i need some a4 card. I'm just too excited to start it. )